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Episodes 5-7

The Nourishing Podcast (Melanie's Story)

Episode 7: Doula Jen Chendea

Today's interview is with Pensacola Doula Jen Chendea.  Nothing was off limits in our conversation, even birthing stories and placenta encapsulation!  Some of our our interviews are funny, all of them are informative, but the best word to describe our conversation with Jen is "fascinating."
   Jen is a certified childbirth educator with BirthWorks International. She became certified as a labor doula with CAPPA in 2004. In June 2012, she workshopped with Gail Tully of Spinning Babies on  optimal fetal positioning (an integral part of her BirthWorks classes and strengthens her work with mothers). She is a member of the Doulas Association of Pensacola and a La Leche League Leader. Jen has worked as a breastfeeding peer counselor with WIC at the Escambia County Health Department.

The Nourishing Podcast (Roger)

Episode 6: Roger Elliot

Emily and I finally got our chance to interview Roger Elliot of Green Cedars Farm about organic and sustainable farming practices and the advantages that come from working with nature.  He is a staple at our local farmer's market and one of my favorite people to conduct a cage-free chicken transaction with.

Episode 5
The Nourishing Podcast (Mark Haines)

Episode 5: Mark Hainds ("Daniel Vitalis of the South")

Tune in to hear why Emily and I have christened Mark Hainds as a Southern Daniel Vitalis. You can buy his book and learn all about wildlife HERE.
   But wait, we didn’t really spend the whole time chatting about feral piggies tromping through Alabama and northwest Florida. Mark’s knowledge of forestry and the wilderness rivals that of Daniel Boone, and his foraging and farming skills remind us of Joel Salatin and Pensacola’s own Roger Elliot (we’ll be releasing his podcast soon).  Of course, all those attributes come naturally to the fifth generation of Hainds farmers!