The Grecian Garden



Melanie's book, The Grecian Garden, is out this year! It recounts her own remarkable story from sickness to health with practical pointers for nurturing your own healing and wellness. Order now from Indigo River Publishing.

Have you ever wondered?

  • Why do I still have symptoms, when all my lab reports are "normal"?
  • I’ve changed my diet, so why am I still gaining weight?

  • What if the solution to our health isn’t in the latest fitness craze or five minutes with a specialist?

  • How can I tell if nutrition information is true or not?


“Melanie’s passion for helping others clearly shines through the pages of this book. Her personal story is so inspiring and her delightful, engaging style is a breath of fresh air. Take her challenge to transform your own health through her practical approach and action steps. Let her experience help to guide you on the path to your own personal plan for optimal health.”


--Marty Kernion, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Author of Going Natural with Herbs and True Health Series: Energy!

“I don’t have heartburn, I’m less bloated, I have more energy, and I’m losing weight for the first time. Thank you, Melanie!”

--Kim Sanchez

What's Inside?

Whether you are trying to recover from chronic illness or simply hoping to increase your energy, The Grecian Garden debunks current nutrition myths while stressing the need for a holistic approach rooted in functional medicine.

  • lifestyle changes that not only worked for Melanie but also her clients
  • how to use herbs and building a natural medicine cabinet
  • nourishing foods to include in your diet
  • how to make a more hydrating water
  • a holistic approach to exercise
  • therapies that actually work
  • the importance of emotional release work