The Grecian Garden


“Being a mother of three little ones, I recently started to hear myself saying, 'I don’t have enough energy for that' far too often. I knew things in my body weren't up to par when I began desperately needing coffee every morning just to function, and my clear skin started to break out. I worked on little things in my diet to keep the breakouts under control, but it just seemed as though nothing was getting to the root of the problem. While sitting in my consultation with Melanie, she listened to my sob story of moodiness, food cravings, coffee addiction, etc. Not once did she condemn me for my wrong food choices (and she knows that I know better!), but instead went right to work to pinpoint the specific issues in my body. After discovering the culprits, Melanie recommend specific supplements for my body to heal itself. A homeopathic was recommended to balance my hormones (being a mom really does make you crazy), minerals to rebuild my adrenals, a detox for my liver, and digestive enzymes. She didn’t look at a chart of my symptoms and prescribe whatever was on her shelf; she carefully found out exactly what my body needed and reassured me we could work on the problems together. I have been on my supplement routine and specified diet for two weeks now. Within the first three days my skin cleared up for the first time in a year and a half! I have had sustained energy levels and can honestly say I haven't even felt the desire for my coffee fix....which is saying a lot!! I am really looking forward to this new found energy!”  --Eleni Deering