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“After seeing Melanie for my thyroid I went to my doctor for a checkup and some lab testing.  He told me my results were all 'perfect' but that he noticed I hadn’t filled a prescription in three years.  He said, 'Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.'  Melanie found a candida infection and a wheat sensitivity.  She has me taking a few supplements for my thyroid, but more importantly she has helped me change my diet.  Melanie showed me that food really can be my medicine. I can feel the difference and my physician approves. Thanks Melanie!”  --D. Macmurray

Female Hormone Balance

“Before my treatment plan with Melanie I could not run or jog without nausea.  I was an avid runner and became depressed.  My monthly cycle gave me out of control mood swings, horrible cramps that left me crying myself to sleep at night, bed bound for 1-2 days with pain, and a very heavy flow.  I also could not eat without having reflux which also disturbed my sleep.  I can now run without throwing up or having an upset stomach afterward and I can eat food without discomfort.  My period is regulating--I only ever felt this way in the past on birth control pills!  I’m so happy my money is being well spent on actually healing my body than the years I tolerated hearing I was overreacting or needed multiple medicines.”  --Guerda Merilian

“I knew my hormones were out of balance ever since having my kids, but my doctors kept telling me that my lab results were normal. Melanie used saliva hormone testing and found that my cortisol and progesterone were low. She put me on herbs and bio-identical hormones to put me back into balance and I feel amazing! I like that she uses sublingual hormones as opposed to those messy creams.”  --Elizabeth Grayson

“At 17 I was put on birth control pills to regulate my period. Little did I know, the underlying issue was PCOS and hormone imbalances. After eight years of being on the pill I started seeing the damage it was doing--vitamin deficiencies, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue to name a few. I decided on my own to stop taking them. Within two months my acne went crazy, my periods were worse and I had terrible pain in the ovary area most of the month. I went to the doctor and was put back on birth control pills. Months later the pain had not subsided so I went for a diagnostic surgery and they found endometriosis. At that point I realized I wasn’t going to get the help I truly needed from a regular doctor and their only solution of the pill. After two years and three surgeries to address continued endometriosis problems, I  found Melanie. After testing, diet changes, natural medicine regimens and the use of essential oils, I did not have to be scared of stopping the pills because I knew Melanie could help me transition without all the side effects I had experienced before. I can’t even describe the changes I have seen in myself--digestive issues gone! Energy levels up! Moods balanced! Utilizing the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility I have been able to see my fertility improve and begin to show many signs of normalcy. The endometriosis pain and acne I had prior to the new treatments has subsided. NO PROBLEMS! For the last nine months I have felt healthier and happier than I have in years. I am more than grateful to finally have the help I have needed all along.”  --Sara Halstead