The Grecian Garden


“What Melanie did for me and my daughter is amazing.  It still blows my mind that the doctors couldn't figure out for ten years what was wrong with me but one visit with you had me recovering from a severe Candida/fungal overgrowth that was destroying my body.  From fermented foods to Spanish black radish, bone broth and herb kits, I am healing!! I could go on and on about how our health has improved.  The doctors had me on several medications and now I don't take ANY!  I have learned how to heal and prevent so many illnesses without the use of antibiotics or prescriptions.  Your muscle testing was right when every other test failed me.  I am so thankful for you and what you do!  This just gave me an opportunity to tell you how thankful we are!!

"When we moved to Florida, my daughter became ill and fatigued, starting with an ear infection that moved through her sinuses and into her chest. Over a two month period we were given several rounds of antibiotics that never worked. Your herb kit starting working in days.  She healed and stuck to the diet to repair her gut. That was a year ago and she has not been sick since.

"Our whole lifestyle has changed.  I had to find creative ways to feed my family real food all the time.  It's not difficult once you fully make the commitment.  We have two active middle and high school kids plus a five year-old foster child.  Between football, basketball, and everything else...we still eat real food!  No more drive-through!  Pre-plan!  I label baggies with supplements the night before and pre-cook meals on Sunday for the week.  We drink filtered water with added minerals.  We are lucky to have a local farmer who delivers dairy and meats. We use herbs and essential oils for many things...from aches and pains to cleaning.  It's wonderful knowing I can safely care for my family without having a medical doctor on speed dial.”  --Jade Nelson