The Grecian Garden



“For three years I had arthritis so bad that it looked and felt like my hands were broken.  All of my doctors said, 'You have rheumatoid arthritis. Take ibuprofen.' My ability to hold my children, care for my family, and do simple mundane tasks like getting dressed was also progressively getting worse and spreading. This was NO way to live! For the few months or so, I have had complete range of movement in my hands, and I have been pain free (unless I get into something I react to)! Although Melanie has added much to our lives these last six months in the way of relief, encouragement, prayers, information, dedication, and especially patience/unending creativity when working with our children, the greatest thing has been Hope. Hope that we would feel better and hope that with hard work we would be able to live a more normal life. Praise be to God for struggles, for hope, for relief, and for people like Melanie that shine light in dark places!”  --Amy Bodkin


“I had suffered from tension headaches and migraines for years.  In the 1990’s, I tested the effects of red wine, chocolate, aged cheeses, MSG, etc.  I noticed no correlation between these things in my diet and my headaches.  In 2013, my doctor recommended the film Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  I watched it and started juicing.  I began to think my headaches were more related to my diet than I had previously thought.  I started eating ancient grains, instead of just whole wheat.  I also started consuming more organic products, including milk.  Between these changes and juicing, my headaches were only slightly reduced.  Then, I met Melanie.  She discovered things going on in my body no one had been aware of.  She had me eliminate gluten, dairy, and refined sugar.  This was difficult for me at first, but not nearly as hard as I had thought it would be.  Overall, I would say that I eat approximately 90% gluten-free and about 70% dairy-free.  Although I’ve greatly reduced my refined sugar intake, this has been my greatest struggle.  With Melanie’s supplements and recommendations, my migraines and tension headaches have greatly reduced in number and severity.  For someone who had headaches about 6 -7 days per week, this is HUGE! I also have more energy.”  --Jane Desoi