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The Nourishing Podcast

The Nourishing Podcast (Junior DeSouza)

Episode 3: Junior deSouza

Emily and I have so much fun doing interviews and we are slowly getting them all posted for your listening pleasure. Today's interview is with Junior deSouza: professional soccer player, fitness model, Christian counselor, writer, and speaker. Whether you are an avid athlete or beginner, Junior has wise words for all. Gleaning from his counseling experience he also offers sound advice for those dealing with unsettled emotions that can wreak havoc on mind, body, and soul. The interview was deep and insightful, Junior left no stone unturned.

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Episode 2
The Nourishing Podcast (Melanie's Story)

Episode 2: Melanie Angelis

In this podcast, Emily and I talk a lot about our immune system and how to stay healthy during the holidays. One of my favorite teas for colds, sinus infections, the flu, or just prevention is garlic ginger tea. It has warming properties and is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral! I make it often because not only do I feel fantastic after just one mug, but I love the way it tastes. My four year old nephew (right) and 18-month old niece love this tea, so yes, you can get kids to drink it. For recipe, click HERE 

Episode 1
The Nourishing Podcast (Emily Morgan's Story of Nourishing Mama)

Episode 1: Emily Morgan, MS

Emily Morgan (MS, The Nourishing Mama) and I met this spring at the Pensacola Weston A. Price Foundation chapter meeting. We hit it off right away and found out we had so many things in common. We are real foodies, we both do nutrition consulting, and we both educate our local community and beyond about holistic health. I also became a big fan of Emily's Facebook page where she posts pictures of the most creative school lunches you've ever seen! We can all learn from this real foodie mama!