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Nourished In Eden provides educational services and personalized, client-focused systems incorporating nutrition, homeopathy, detoxification, desensitization, enzymes, and whole food supplement therapies.

Melanie speaks to groups of all kinds and sizes. To book her for a speaking engagement, please use the Contact page.



1. Educational Services

Educational classes provide a gateway for the curious or uninformed. In an intelligent, gentle manner, Melanie illumines exactly what it is to be healthy via nutritional priority and holistic habits.
    Her classes are not merely introductory, though. From complex lectures for medical professionals pursuing Continuing Education Units, to interactive and demonstrative labs and workshops, Melanie's instructional range is broad and calibrated to the audience. Some of her most recent topics: Inflammation, Nourishing Our Children, Whole Foods Cleansing, and Cultured Foods. 


2. Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a holistic consultation and medical muscle testing system grounded in solid science. It is today probably the fastest and least invasive way to accurately detect food allergies, geopathic and biophysical stress, interference fields, stressed organs and structures, emotional blocks, heavy metal toxicity, dental problems, environmental toxicity and more.
                                                                                                                                                                      --Dr. Joseph Mercola D.C. (Chicago, IL)


For more information, click here: Nutrition Response Testing